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What is SHAPE ReClaimed?

SHAPE ReClaimed is more than just a weight-loss program. In addition to weight loss, it’s designed to decrease inflammation in your body, enhance immune function and re-set your base metabolism.

The program consists of three phases:

  • Phase 1 (minimum of 23 days and length to be determined). You take SHAPE three times a day and eat a reduced calorie diet that consists of no sugar, dairy or starch. 
  • Phase II (3 weeks). You discontinue SHAPE and increase your daily calories but still restrict sugar and starch from your diet. 

  • Phase III. You slowly reintroduce sugar and starch and start living your permanent, healthy lifestyle.

Does the program use hCG drops?

The homeopathic oral drops used is this program mimic the actions of hCG in the body but do not contain any hCG. SHAPE drops have been specifically developed for this program by Dr. Todd Frisch of St. Louis. His program is based on the work of Dr. A.T.W. Simeons.

What makes this program different?

The goal of SHAPE ReClaimed is permanent weight loss and a return to health.  This is accomplished by carefully adhering to the three phases of the program.  Why is that so important? Because the program and SHAPE drops have been carefully formulated and researched to help re-set your metabolism so you lose weight and keep it off.

Although the initial goal of the program is weight loss, many patients are gaining additional health benefits from taking SHAPE drops and following the program.  Because fat is inflammatory and immuno-suppressive, not only are people losing weight, they are knocking down inflammation in their bodies, thus, improving their overall health and improved immune health.  People are seeing high blood pressure drop, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides drop, blood sugar numbers improve, joint pain decrease, cognitive improvement, and most of all, resounding joy overflowing for all those who have struggled for years with the battle of the bulge. 

Program Costs & Specifics

The program includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • SHAPE drops
  • Urine analysis 
  • Follow-up visits and urine analysis, as needed, to monitor your success with the program

The urine analysis is an important measure of how your body is handling the diet. With it, we can make sure your body is holding on to the good, protective fat and only losing the abnormal, yellow fat.

Questions & Answers

Q Isn’t it dangerous to eat such a reduced calorie diet? Won’t I lose muscle as well as fat? Won’t I feel like I’m starving?

A Most diets break down structural and protective fat (the good fat) first. SHAPE drops break down undesirable, abnormal (or yellow) fat and uses it for its caloric value. Anywhere from 1,500 to 4,000 calories can be surging through your system, depending on the amount of excess stored fat.  Therefore, you will be living more on what you are breaking down versus the calories you are consuming.  Because of this, most are not hungry. Your appetite should definitely decrease while taking SHAPE. Phytolacca, known for its appetite suppression properties, has also been added to the SHAPE drops.

Q How much weight can I lose?

A In general, individuals who follow the program precisely will lose 1/2 to 1-1/2 pounds daily.   If you would like to lose additional weight after you finish the entire program, you can start it again after six weeks.

Q What type of exercise is acceptable during the program?

A Moderate walking, swimming, bicycling, and non-aggressive weight-training are all acceptable. You must avoid AGGRESSIVE exercise.

Q Will I gain the weight back once the program is over?

A Maintaining weight loss is determined mainly by how well you performed the requirements in Phase II for resetting your base metabolism and in Phase III--incorporating your new future healthy lifestyle.  It’s important you continue to avoid as many man-made products as possible, even when the three phases of the diet are over.

Q Can’t I just buy hCG drops on the Internet?

A Homeopathic hCG drops are easily available on the Internet, but the problem is that there are fraudulent and unsafe products being sold, many of them at excessive prices. SHAPE ReClaimed has been formulated out of 30 years of experience using homeopathy as a bio-regulatory medicine.  The homeopathic ingredients in SHAPE have been carefully formulated and clinically tested with thousands of people across the country.

SHAPE ReClaimed includes a guidebook with all of the important details. In addition, working one-on-one with a professional gives you the added support you need to succeed.